The San Antonio Association of Professional Landmen (S.A.A.P.L.) — which until 1993 was known as the San Antonio Association of Petroleum Landmen — is one of the oldest landmen associations in the nation. S.A.A.P.L. was founded during the summer of 1947, shortly after the formation of the Houston and New Orleans petroleum landmen associations.

During the late 40’s and early 50’s, the oil and gas industry in San Antonio was very active and was home to offices of many of the major companies such as Chevron, Exxon, Texaco, Cities Service, Marathon, Sun, Mobil, Amoco, and Conoco. These and other companies aggressively explored for shallow oil within Bexar County and surrounding counties. This activity was prompted by significant discoveries within the shallow Jackson, Yegua, Navarro, Olmos and Edwards oil sands of Railroad Commission District 1. During this time period, the association grew to over 30 members. Throughout the next 50 years, the membership of the organization echoed the cyclical boom and bust periods of the industry. Today—2016—the SAAPL consists of approximately 700 members.

Luncheon meetings are held on the second Monday of each month from September through May at the Petroleum Club of San Antonio. These meetings provide a forum to renew old friendships and make new ones, to conduct the business affairs of our local association, to gain professional, governmental and industry information on topics of interest to landmen, and to disseminate pertinent information and materials from the American Association of Professional Landmen. Distinguished and learned guest speakers present their views and expertise on current industry topics. Since 1990, the association has sponsored the Annual Mid-Winter Seminar. This is an all-day educational event centered around Texas oil and gas law and related industry topics. It provides a very affordable means of earning CPL, RPL, RL, CLE and CDOA re-certification points, and is well attended by local and South Texas land professionals.

In addition to business and educational functions, each year the association hosts the Annual SAAPL Explorationist Golf Tournament. This has always been a popular social event that provides a great opportunity for land professionals to network and get to know members of all branches of the local oil and gas community. Also, in the mid-1990’s, SAAPL joined with STGS, API, SPE, SIPES and SAGS, to host an annual Holiday Party. It has served to re-introduce a festive evening social event for the oil and gas industry, complete with music, food and Holiday cheer.

The SAAPL has not only weathered the ups and downs of the energy business, but has proven itself to be a vital organization. Through the dedication and work of its members, it will continue to grow and provide a source of community and support for land professionals in the San Antonio area